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Take advantage of Njus to increase revenue and brand awareness

Companies and organizations uses Njus differently. Some of them are collaborating and learning from the news, others are building trust by educating our users.

For you who needs to stay updated

Njus have almost all of the news collected into one app. That saves time and is more fun to read the news. You get more perspectives and we promise you that you will learn new things.

Media Insights

Open up a private newsroom and discuss news internally within your organization. You decide what kind of news you want the newsroom to be filled with.

Brands builds trust

Get visibility on Njus and let our users learn to love your brand.

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Media Insights»

What other writes about your business?

Njus helps you follow everything that is written about you.


Tell the world about what amazing recruitments you have made

Upcoming products

We are developing new products that will improve the life of our users.

Freelancers and news services gets new revenues

We will soon release a service for approved journalists and newspapers to publish content on Njus and get new revenues from it.

A tool for agencies

We are making it easy for pr-agencies to keep track of their customers campaigns on Njus.