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‘Kill those who looted Kashmir, not innocents,’ says J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik

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Malik, who made the comments at a tourism festival in Kargil on Sundar, added that guns would never solve any crisis, and cautioned people against violence.
'Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik on Sunday asked militants to kill those who have looted the state instead of targetting innocent people and security personnel, The Indian Express reported. “The boys with guns are unnecessarily killing unarmed people,” Malik said at the inauguration of a tourism festival in Kargil. “They are killing PSOs [personal security officers] and SPOs [special police officers]. Why are you killing them? Kill those who have looted the wealth of your country and your Kashmir. Have you killed any of them so far?” However, the governor added that guns were never a solution to a crisis, and cited the example of the Tamil separatist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, PTI reported. “The government of India will never go down before a gun,” he said, asking militants not to take the route of violence. Malik said only 250 militants remained in the Valley and claimed that 50% of them were Pakistanis who would be killed i encounters unless they surrender. “The maulivis promise you heaven after death but here I am promising you heaven while you live, provided you shun the path of violence,” he said. Malik said the biggest problem in Jammu and Kashmir was corruption, and claimed that retired bureaucrats.. Read more'

Dubai: Indian stand-up comedian dies on stage while performing, audience thinks it is part of act

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Manjunath Naidu collapsed after complaining of high level of anxiety. As he suffered cardiac arrest, the audience laughed, thinking it was part of the show.
'A 36-year-old Indian stand-up comedian collapsed and died on stage in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on July 19 while performing in front of a packed audience, who thought it was part of his act, Khaleej Times has reported. The incident occurred at Clavichord in Signature Hotel. During his performance, Manjunath Naidu sat down on a bench and collapsed on the floor after complaining of high level of anxiety. While he suffered cardiac arrest, the audience laughed, thinking it was part of the show. “He was the last act in the line-up,” said Naidu’s friend and fellow comedian Miqdaad Dohadwala. “He went on stage and was making people laugh with his stories. He was talking about his father and family. Everybody was enjoying. And then he got into a story of how he suffers from anxiety. And a minute into the story he collapsed. People thought it was part of the act. They took it as a joke as he was talking about anxiety and then collapsed. Everyone rushed to the stage.” Dohadwala said paramedics reached the venue within 20 minutes but could not revive Naidu. “He stopped breathing in our hands,” Dohadwala added. “We took him to the hospital but after trying for 20 minutes they.. Read more'