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Watch: A news comedy show spoofs holy crocodiles and TikTok husbands

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Schitzengiggles’s ‘Yeh Sab Kya Ho Raha Hai’ hosted by Manuj Chawla is back with a new episode.
'A new episode of online comedy channel Schitzengiggles’s Yeh Sab Kya Ho Raha Hai or “What in the world is going on?” as one might say in English, features crocodiles, elephants and mysteriously missing husbands. The six-month-old satirical show, which comes with the disclaimer, “ #YehSabKyaHoRahaHai is not a news comedy show. Sentiment hai bro,” is written and anchored by comic Manuj Chawla. In this episode, posted after a month-long gap, Chawla spoofs the religious fervour of devotees who began worshipping a crocodile that had somehow strayed into the Khodiyar Mata temple in Mahisagar, Gujarat. A huge and very enthusiastic crowd who interpreted the animal’s appearance inside the temple as a holy visitation began throwing vermillion at it, delaying rescue efforts by forest officials. Gujarat: Forest Department officials yesterday rescued a crocodile that strayed into Khodiyar Mata temple in Mahisagar district; the rescue was allegedly delayed due to the villagers who gathered at the temple to offer prayers to the crocodile. pic.twitter.com/Y5ILxgKTe0 — ANI (@ANI) June 24, 2019 Next, Chawla tackles the incredible story of Jayapradha, who found her missing husband Suresh, through a TikTok video. A father of two, Suresh, had been missing for close to three years when he was spotted by one of Jayapradha’s relatives riding.. Read more'