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Watch: Doctors deliver the USA’s first baby born from a dead donor's transplanted uterus

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The delivery was only the second of its kind in the world.
'The baby was delivered “en caul,” meaning the amniotic sac remained intact until after the delivery. This is an extremely rare but safe occurrence and happened spontaneously with this delivery, adding to the special occasion. pic.twitter.com/w7BiRrn2g2 — ClevelandClinicNews (@CleClinicNews) July 9, 2019 The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio claims to have delivered the first baby born in North America through a uterine transplant from a dead donor. The process was pioneered by a Swedish doctor who conducted the first successful uterine transplant from a living donor five years ago. The first transplant from a dead donor was carried out in December, 2018 at a hospital in Brazil. The new mother, who is in her mid-30s, is part of a research trial involving 10 women who have uterine factor infertility. Women with this condition don’t have a uterus or have had their uterus removed. All images courtesy the Cleaveland Clinic. Since the trial began , the team has completed five uterus transplants, three of which were successful – including this one, which resulted in a live birth, reports the hospital’s website How does the transplant work? At the beginning of the procedure, in-vitro fertilisation is carried out using male sperm and eggs of the woman. Then the chosen womb is removed from the donor.. Read more'