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Uttarakhand: 32-member team launches fresh expedition to locate 8 climbers near Nanda Devi peak

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Meanwhile, the ground team of Indian Mountaineering Federation is also on its way from Pindari glacier side to reach the avalanche site.
'A 32-member team, including 11 mountaineers of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, launched a fresh expedition on Thursday to retrieve the bodies of eight climbers who attempted to scale Nanda Devi East peak on May 25, reported the Hindustan Times . The team also includes personnel from the State Disaster Response Force and the National Disaster Response Force. Pithoragarh District Magistrate Vijay Kumar Jogdande said the team left for Munsiyari on Thursday. “On Friday, the team will be airlifted from Munsiyari, by an MH 17 helicopter and airdropped at Nanda Devi second base camp,” Jogdande told Hindustan Times . For the next four-five days, the team will undertake daily climbs to acclimatise. “Following their acclimatisation, the team will try for retrieving the bodies of the 8 missing mountaineers, including four Britishers, two Americans, one Indian and one Australian,” said Jogdande. The bodies are located on the eastern slope of Nanda Devi at a height of around 5,000 metres. Twelve mountaineers had gone for an expedition to climb the Nanda Devi East peak, India’s second highest mountain. The climbers had left Munsiyari on May 13 but they did not return to the base camp on the scheduled date of May 25. Four of them who had split from the main group were rescued on June 2 from base.. Read more'

Death on the Everest: Should inexperienced enthusiasts be allowed to climb dangerous mountains?

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Package expeditions and the ease of getting permits to scale peaks have led to safety issues, deaths, overcrowding and environmental damage.
'The last days of Mt Everest’s spring window for 2019 witnessed the deaths of 11 climbers . Images of hundreds of mountaineers queuing to reach the summit and reports of climbers stepping over dead bodies dismayed people around the world, many wondering how human beings had gotten it so wrong. After the conquest of Annapurna and Everest in the 1950s, mountaineering became popular among the more privileged. But in the past two decades, mountaineering has taken on an increasingly commercial angle with disastrous results . Experts report that aside from a very short weather window to climb Everest this season, a new generation of guides offering cheap expedition rates attracted a rash of novice mountaineers , which contributed to the high number of deaths. Those inexperienced climbers, some of whom had only climbed the 4,810-m Mont Blanc and 6,962-m Aconagua, should not have been there. Seven Summits challenge Until the beginning of the 21st century, mountaineering was an exclusive activity accessible only to a few. Twenty years later, despite being a high-risk activity that requires a high level of specialised skill, its popularity among recreational climbers has drastically increased . Climbing legend Reinhold Messner once said that for a fee, “almost anyone could brave a top-class peak” – regardless of skill, ability or experience. Many modern mountaineers are attracted by the.. Read more'